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Employee Awards

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  Employee Awards
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Employee Awards

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Raise the Bar with Employee Awards

 Team members and employees who feel valued and appreciated are more engaged and supportive of their employer. GP Awards offers a large selection of employee awards and trophies to fill every achievement level of your employee awards program. Select the perfect award for recognizing dedicated employees with Year of Service awards, for honoring an Employee of the Year, and for recognizing individual employees for the significant contributions gained through teamwork.

In addition to the employee awards and plaques presented in the collection, you may find many additional staff appreciation and recognition awards within the collections listed on the page left. Each award layout receives your approval before proceeding into production, so you only have good surprises when you present your employee awards and trophies. Your Company logo is uploaded during the check out process.

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Flame Award Employee Awards

PDF Template for Flame Award Employee Awards

Flame Award

A flame is symbolic of life and vitality. It is an ideal choice to honor professionals who have gone above the expectations and burn their excellence. 3/4" top crystal attached with a slanted base.

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M14C84C1     $120.00   $114.00   $108.00   Add Flame Award 9-7/8"H x 3-7/8"W x 1-7/8"D to Shopping Cart
M14C84C2     $150.00   $142.50   $135.00   Add Flame Award 11-3/8"H x 4-3/8"W x 1-7/8"D to Shopping Cart
M14C84C3     $180.00   $171.00   $162.00   Add Flame Award 12-3/4"H x 4-7/8"W x 1-7/8"D to Shopping Cart
Flare Employee Awards



The Flare's appeal flair comes from sculpted optical crystal reflecting light in a brilliant manner around your etched expressions.

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M50FS-4853-7     $164.50   $156.28   $148.05   Add Flare 5.25 x 8.00 x 2.38 to Shopping Cart
M50FS-4853-10     $253.10   $240.45   $227.79   Add Flare 7.38 x 11.00 x 3.00 to Shopping Cart
Flow Employee Awards



Pure K9 premium optic crystal award modeled after a skyscraper. This award comes with sleek lines and can go with the flow with any interior decor.

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M29SF7W412     $213.60   $202.92   $192.24   Add Flow 4" wide x 12" tall x 2 1/4" deep to Shopping Cart
Fluctus Employee Awards



The Fluctus Crystal Award is blue and black crystal with white stone. This crystal award is artistically inspired & designed by Nik Meller, are hand crafted works of art made by the finest crystal craftsmen. There are up to three areas available for etching.

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M29NF7TS911     $403.85   $383.66   $363.47   Add Fluctus 9" wide x 11" tall to Shopping Cart
Foreign Exchange Employee Awards


Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange is part of the Chien J. Wang Collection designed by international designer Chien J. Wang. This all cobalt blue crystal award stands apart from the rest. The all blue color make this award really pop.

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M29WF7EX511     $213.60   $202.92   $192.24   Add Foreign Exchange 5 5/8" wide x 11" tall to Shopping Cart
Forever Together Employee Awards


Forever Together

Forever Together is part of the Haertling Collection designed by international designer John Haertling. A blue crystal back and base with an amber crystal sits in front. Two areas for etching.

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M29HF7VT508     $168.30   $159.89   $151.47   Add Forever Together 5 1/2" wide x 8 3/4" tall to Shopping Cart
Forging  Ahead Employee Awards


Forging Ahead

For those on the fast track to success, the Forging Ahead is the ultimate award crafted in black and Starphire glass on a black marble base.                       

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M50FS0581S     $36.45   $34.63   $32.81   Add Forging  Ahead 5.50 x 10.88 x 2.75 to Shopping Cart
Formulation Employee Awards



Jade glass affords you the ability to imprint on the front and back of the glass crating a truly unique award.                            

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M50FS-3828     $27.00   $25.65   $24.30   Add Formulation 5.50 x 7.38 x 2.00 to Shopping Cart
Fortitude Employee Awards



Sophisticated tones of sparkling silver radiate thought the deep-etched design with a hint of art deco styling. This glass plaque is fashioned with an easel back allowing it to set or hang.

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M50FS-18013-79     $72.00   $68.40   $64.80   Add Fortitude 7.00 x 9.00 to Shopping Cart
M50FS-18013-810     $79.00   $75.05   $71.10   Add Fortitude 8.00 x 10.00 to Shopping Cart
Framed Crystal Honor Employee Awards
Framed Crystal Honor Employee Awards


Framed Crystal Honor

Sand etched and colorfilled crystal ebony, on a gold or silver background in a rosewood or black frame. Can hang on wall or sit on desk.


Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M37FGB102113     $173.89   $165.20   $156.50   Add Framed Crystal Honor 11"X13' to Shopping Cart
M37FGB102214     $188.39   $178.97   $169.55   Add Framed Crystal Honor 12"X14" to Shopping Cart
M37FGB102315     $211.94   $201.34   $190.75   Add Framed Crystal Honor 13"X15" to Shopping Cart
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