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Employee Awards

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  Employee Awards
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Employee Awards

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Raise the Bar with Employee Awards

 Team members and employees who feel valued and appreciated are more engaged and supportive of their employer. GP Awards offers a large selection of employee awards and trophies to fill every achievement level of your employee awards program. Select the perfect award for recognizing dedicated employees with Year of Service awards, for honoring an Employee of the Year, and for recognizing individual employees for the significant contributions gained through teamwork.

In addition to the employee awards and plaques presented in the collection, you may find many additional staff appreciation and recognition awards within the collections listed on the page left. Each award layout receives your approval before proceeding into production, so you only have good surprises when you present your employee awards and trophies. Your Company logo is uploaded during the check out process.

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Eco-Conscious Bamboo Slant Employee Awards
Eco-Conscious Bamboo Slant Employee Awards


Eco-Conscious Bamboo Slant

Our eco-friendly, rapidly renewable bamboo with a laser engraved message makes the perfect recognition piece to celebrate a sparkling success with a minimal carbon footprint.


Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M37ECOT02S8     $130.40   $123.88   $117.36   Add Eco-Conscious Bamboo Slant 8" Tall to Shopping Cart
M37ECOT02S10     $141.28   $134.22   $127.15   Add Eco-Conscious Bamboo Slant 10" Tall to Shopping Cart
M37ECOT02S12     $153.96   $146.26   $138.56   Add Eco-Conscious Bamboo Slant 12" Tall to Shopping Cart
Eco-Conscious Direct Tradition Employee Awards


Eco-Conscious Direct Tradition

Direct print plate and accent plate on bamboo. Print plate and accent plate available in gold, silver or white.


Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M37ECO20257     $97.79   $92.90   $88.01   Add Eco-Conscious Direct Tradition 5"X7" to Shopping Cart
M37ECO20268     $103.22   $98.06   $92.90   Add Eco-Conscious Direct Tradition 6"X8" to Shopping Cart
M37ECO20279     $108.66   $103.23   $97.79   Add Eco-Conscious Direct Tradition 7"x9" to Shopping Cart
M37ECO202810     $123.16   $117.00   $110.84   Add Eco-Conscious Direct Tradition 8"X10" to Shopping Cart
M37ECO202912     $130.40   $123.88   $117.36   Add Eco-Conscious Direct Tradition 9"X12" to Shopping Cart
Eco-Conscious Glass Tile Employee Awards
Eco-Conscious Glass Tile Employee Awards Eco-Conscious Glass Tile Employee Awards Eco-Conscious Glass Tile Employee Awards


Eco-Conscious Glass Tile

Recycled glass sand etched tile, on a bamboo panel. Sand etch personalization, logo or design in glass. Colorfilling or printing on glass also available. 


Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M37BPRG02T79     $164.83   $156.59   $148.35   Add Eco-Conscious Glass Tile 7"X9" to Shopping Cart
M37BPRG02T810     $177.52   $168.64   $159.77   Add Eco-Conscious Glass Tile 8"X10" to Shopping Cart
M37BPRG02T912     $201.07   $191.02   $180.96   Add Eco-Conscious Glass Tile 9"X12" to Shopping Cart
Eden Employee Awards



Eden is part of the Chien J. Wang Crystal Collection designed by international designer Chien Wang. With a combination of green and white stone, along with a bit of blue crystal makes this a beautiful modern piece.

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M29WE7DN810     $243.80   $231.61   $219.42   Add Eden 8" wide x 10 1/2" tall to Shopping Cart
Eirene Employee Awards



Light Beachwood tones, simmering silver metal and lustrous black marble harmoniously merge in Eirene. This disc-shaped award carries an artistic architectural flair that is sure to be admired.                        

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M50FS-18025     $66.15   $62.84   $59.54   Add Eirene 6.25 x 7.00 x 2.75 to Shopping Cart
Elated Employee Awards



Chrome Finished Sculpture with Jade Glass and Black Marble Base.            

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M50FS-4838C-14     $225.45   $214.18   $202.91   Add Elated 3.00 x 14.00 x 3.00 to Shopping Cart
Elation Employee Awards



The joy of having your hard work recognized is priceless. Being given an impressive award in front of your peers not only is gratifying, it is motivating to keep up the good work.                       

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M50AFTR8030L     $311.85   $296.26   $280.67   Add Elation 7-1/2 x 17 x 4 to Shopping Cart
Elation Employee Awards



Any recipient would be elated to receive this spectacular award.Beveled edges of the optical crystal at varying angles allows its beauty - and your message - to dazzle all who behold it.                  

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M50FS-4883     $228.15   $216.74   $205.34   Add Elation 6.00 x 9.13 x 3.00 to Shopping Cart
Electra Employee Awards



A star crafted by skillful artists dances on the side of this round glass disc atop a black marble base.               

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M506FT88709S     $91.10   $86.55   $81.99   Add Electra 6.00 x 6.00 x 6.00 to Shopping Cart
Elegant Ascension Award Employee Awards


Elegant Ascension Award

A clear acrylic award with an ascending arc attached to a piano finished rosewood base. Front and reverse laser engraving ready. Ask about attaching a gold or silver plate to the base. Perfect for any recognition or award ceremony, including sports, corporate or educational applications.

Prod #   Description   1-9 10-24 25-49
M55A8D12S     $91.65   $87.07   $82.49   Add Elegant Ascension Award 112" x 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" to Shopping Cart
M55A8D12M     $101.85   $96.76   $91.67   Add Elegant Ascension Award 14" x 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" to Shopping Cart
M55A8D12L     $116.50   $110.68   $104.85   Add Elegant Ascension Award 15" x 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" to Shopping Cart
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